Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yellow Springs Ohio, The hippie lives eternal

Monday Monday: Yellow Springs, Ohio- the Hippie lives eternal.

Yellow Springs, it is the home to Anticoch University, formerly Anticoch College. Who’s claim to fame was that Rod Serling got his undergraduate degree there. It is a sleepy little, no It is a Hippie little college town. 1968 was very good to Yellow Springs because the year came and basically decided to take up residence. It is the home to artisans of all types, has at least 3 book stores in a shopping area the size of a large apartment complex, and numerous Indian art/ incense shops, holistic spices, herbs, Ointments and Outments. If it smells good and you can boil it, light it, or rub it on something, this is the place to shop for it.

Yellow Springs was founded on the outskirts of Clifton Gorge/Clifton Mill and Glenn Helen. These are two beautiful hiking areas that provide a photographer’s dream for each season. The two areas meet up somewhere. You can easily spend days exploring each park area with their own unique trails and vistas and not repeat a visual. For those in the Kansas City area, the closest thing I could use to describe Yellow Springs, would be if Ben and Jerry (the guys) worked over Parkville, Missouri in their own image.

On the drive back home, we stopped by a Dayton Institution. Second Time Around... One of the first, and now the last of the used music stores in the city. What is really interesting about the store and where it is located, is that when I was a young pup of 16 through my mid twenties, the store was a bit stained, it had some mildew, and was not in the greatest of neighborhoods. Instead of paved parking lots, they had (in my day) gravel mixed with broken glass. Now they are paved, painted, lots. There are restaurants, kinkos, it's clean... WHAT HAPPENED? SOMEBODY WENT AND COMMITTED A NEATNESS!! Well, in spite of the element of danger now removed, the store itself still has a wonderful selection of treasures. From DVDs, to CDs, to BlueRay, to Games, to Ipods and Iphones... all used. It is a fun place to wander through and rummage. I was able to find an entire box set of the 1975 World Series... when the Cincinnati Reds won it all. Over 17 hours of broadcasts on DVDs. What a Reds fan find. We will watch game one here in the next night or two. I will pass around the set of DVDs to the gang so we can all share in the glory of the Big Red Machine.

Sleep is coming in small naps and bits. Not much has changed there. That will just take time. But being with friends that I have known for so many years does help to ease some pains. They know me as well as I know me... some of them, may know me better than I do.

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