Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christmas card sketch

got done mowing today, and just started sketching. This is the result... I have no idea why. I had no intention of doing anything Holiday related. Certainly not. The green swirls just looked sort of like wreathes after a while... and I put a splash of red on them. Again... just sketching around... kind of like automatic writing? Wondering what the future holds, kinda scared, kind or curious maybe? Who knows. None of us do. We will just ride this thing out.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Bewitching Miss O'Donnell

Important Safety Tip: When running for public office, don't ask a question to the press or "Grand Inquisitor", It just leads to trouble... Rep. Senatorial Candidate Christine O'Donnell asked back the following question when grilled about commenting "ten years before" about dabbling in witchcraft when she was in High School... "So How many of you out there never hung out with objectionable folks when you were in High School?"
The lady spins an Ouija board when she was 17 and Congress is up in arms about the downfall of the human race... How about the downfall of the Congressional pants? At the drop of a business card it appears... I would like to know what Teddy Kennedy was doing when he... no WHO Teddy was doing when he was 17? No... scratch that.... I don't want to know Just chop off their peckers as they take an oath and lets see how much work gets done then? Perhaps a surprising amount when your mind is ready to focus... It would also open up more of the bathrooms... just a thought.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red door studio Drawing Session September 11th, 2010

it has been a rough late summer of 2010... This week, I had a second attack of kidney stones... So I had those sonically blasted / broken up. Went to Red Door drawing group. Did ok, nothing to write home about, but nothing to be ashamed about either. It is what it is.

Monday, September 06, 2010

sunday sketching group... short poses

I spent, No... I was blessed to be invited by a dear and talented artist friend to attend a short pose sketching group that meets weekly. It is a mostly younger crowd... I believe from the Dr. Sketchy's group. Watch out people, this group of up and comers or just out of schoolers is a talented lot. Friendly, confident, a good group from what I observed. It was fun... but sheesh, I am rusty in the short pose department... anyways... good bad or indifferent, here are the 10 minute and 5 minute poses that were passable.

red door studio Drawing Session September 4

worked out of the trusty brown sketchbook... it is like a security blanket for me. ahhhhhhhh.