Saturday, January 26, 2008

James 3: The start of a new drawing. Probably won't have much time for a while to work on this. But I would like to have it done fairly quickly. American Artist is having a self portrait competition due May First 2008. I haven't done a self portrait in such a long time... a finished piece. Hmmmm could be fun. My father (James) is always fun to render. Such a familiar subject. Just seeing him two weekends ago made me get out the pastel paper and work on a new piece. Makes me miss him a little less.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

airport sketches: found the sketchbook and forgot that some of the time in the airport was not spent sleeping or listening to cartalk... I did do some sketching. Most kept moving, but this fellow just kept standing there and listening to this lady in a wheel chair and smiling. He never moved, He may have been asleep... listening to cartalk.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Phizzel Goblin Scratchboard: whew! I am calling this one done. Phizzel Goblin is done, reworked and completed. I believe that I have learned quite a bit on this one. Hopefully it will aid me in my next attempt whenever that is. . I am going to submit this and the clown scratchboard (see october 16th 2007 posting)
as entries into a couple of illustration competition annuals this season to see what comes about. If nothing else... it was good learning and a whole lot of fun to do.

brought the tan sketchbook to the GAA conference. Didn't use it until the last night or two when I saw an article on Depp and Sweeney Todd. Made me twist back to Jacob Marley and Eboneezer Scrooge. It is good to be home.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

topic for the first Drawergeeks of 2008... Rednecks. Being in the Midwest... the topic was far too vast for an actual depiction, so I chose a subculture. A past time if you will. That "Hey fella's watch this" sport of all sports... Noodling. For those who have not been exposed to such a grand display of artistry... a person, "the Noodler" goes into a river, lake, channel, into the water and sticks their hand in a hole in order to pull out a catfish. Also hopefully avoiding any alligator snapping turtles that may have decided to make their homes in an abandon catfish den by default. Ah, the fun of summer.