Saturday, March 05, 2011

Steampunk Card Deck- Joker-Y

Joker-Y is one of two native jokers in this cast of houses. Joker-Y has was originally adopted by the House of Gears and accepted as one of their own, but his denial of structure and perpetuation of chaos created such an uproar within the House of Gears that the House of Windows was consulted. The House of Windows offered to accept the youth for tutoring with the understanding that if the entity who would one day become the Joker-Y wished to stay under the House of Windows, that would be his choice. However the chaos tendencies were too strong for even the Lords of the House of Windows to teach control of. The whereabouts of Joker-Y are unknown. But it is believed that he has found a kindred spirit in the being known as Joker-X.