Saturday, December 30, 2006

just fooling around on a rainy Saturday. I tried to work on some painting but my heart just wasn't into it. It is one of those blah days where I want everything done for me, even inhaling. The holidays are over, the packages are opened, the friends and family that came to visit have all gone back to their own tasks and checklists. It is time to slip the harness back on and get back to work.

But it sure was fun to run around freely for a while... hmmmm, when is vacation scheduled? Let's see....

Monday, December 25, 2006

Chicken for Christmas Dinner? Oh, chicken with Christmas Dinner. An escapee from some local coop created quite a coup (get it?) by showing up at the back door of a Mr. Milton Winterbottom of Proveit, Missouri Christmas morning. When asked whether the suprise guest was going to be welcomed to dinner or welcomed as dinner, Mr. Winterbottom could only reply, "Well, I was taught to love all animals... especially those that make a fine gravy."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Bell Christmas Card 2006 (the first in 9 years) is complete. The story comes from Great Grandma George. The tale was used to keep overly energetic or misbehaving children in line. But when the kids were starting to get out of line, the reminder was brought up that cardinals carried Santa’s Helper Elves on official business. So if a cardinal was near, that Santa’s elves must be close by watching and keeping a list of good deeds and bad deeds to report back to “Mr. C.” I torqued the verbiage to make it a bit more fanciful.

Then Grandma said, “Do you know why the Cardinal chose red for its color?
They are red so as match Santa’s coat. It is a sign of high respect and honor, almost like a Royal Guard. The cardinals carry the helper elves, the ones that keep notes on boys and girls all over everywhere. That is how Santa knows who is good and who has not been good. So whenever you see a cardinal, you know that one of the helper elves must be somewhere near by.”