Saturday, March 03, 2018

Night Keepers thumbnail sketches

The Night Keepers:   in the days before the enlightenment there was born a group of collectors called the Night Keepers. The Night Keepers, not born of humans, but from the dark night itself. For the night can be harsh, the night hunts, the night is sometimes vengeance.
The Night Keepers appear as forever young children of humans, who’s only reason is to hunt, to collect the heads of the cruel, the deceitful, and the wicked, severing their souls to haunt the face of the earth and wander in limbo for all eternity. They have been glimpsed on battlefields of the long past as well as the recent past, in the woods of old, and down dark alleys in their search to find the heads of the unjust. Sometimes they take the heads of the dead as well as the living deserving.