Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dayton: Wednesday- Tripping the light “Eat-pa-pha”.

Wednesday: And a One, And a Two, And a Eat-Pha-Pha…
After a long hard day of doing basically nothing, what does a body need? Yes, that is correct, a body needs German food. Schmidtz Sausage Haus… the land of Sausages, potato anythings, Schnitzels, Strudels, Pickled cabbages, sauerkraut, Noodles, Stews, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Pumpkin Crème Puffs… and all of it smothered in thick brown gravy. Come to think of it, even the beer comes smothered in thick brown gravy. Schmidtz Sausage Haus has been a Columbus Ohio institution of gastronomical disobedience since brick streets were introduced onto the city streets during the late 1800s. Since that time, the restaurant has grown from a meat market, to a restaurant, to it’s present size, burned down, and rebuilt and it still tastes as good as it always has. In fact, the fire may have helped apply some special smokiness that may not have been achieved any other way… legally. Legend has it that the fire department, upon arrival shouted out in unison, “God Save the Beer!”

We waited in line a few minutes… about 20 or so… just long enough to start to hallucinate about the feast that awaited us. As we walked by some of the tables of customers that had finished or waved the white flag of over indulgence, it was all I could do to keep my hands off of the dinner rolls or a stray sausage… “oooooh mighty sausage, you speak to me in my tummy dreams. And it is good.”

The meal and the conversations were both of top quality… Good food, good friends, a wonderful atmosphere, it was almost holidayesque. The ride home for all but one of us was quick indeed… The driver drove, the passengers … well, we all slept. Slept the dream of the eat-pha-pha. Where the alpine music and the sausage haus meet in your dreams… and top it with clouds of whipped crème. AHHhhhhhhhhh.


Bucket Trucks said...

spatzel, sausage, bread, potatoes...I love German food!

dugbuddy said...

Oh me too... except for the pickled stuff. I could never appreciate the pickled anything from any culture. Be it sauerkraut, or kimchee, or pickles in general. it is that sweet/ vinegar combo that my brain just can't process. But you are right... Schnitzle, Sausage, soups, I think the Germans may have invented the edible complex... where a boy loves his mother's cooking better than eating at a restaurant. I always did.