Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The King of Gears

To keep myself busy in the lonely of the night, I have started a project of designing and illustrating a deck of cards. These will be a Steampunk deck of playing cards.

The House of Gears

The King of Gears

The master of the construct; whether it is through sculpture, or through schematic drawings. It is the thrill of the build, the unlocking of the world’s mysteries through the assembly of what his hands and mind can provide that have made him a wise and knowledgeable king. He rules through balance, law, order, and justice. There are those who say that he sees with his hands, that the elements of the build themselves can speak to him.


Brine Blank said...

To continue my rantish rave...I always love the thrill of seeing well executed art in both idea and technique that literally makes one's heart levels elevate...I had started a playing card series myself last year with bugs...after I got four of them completed someone stole my sketchbook that had lots of the other concepts for scanning...and I never went back to it...

Your idea for utilizing different symbols instead of the traditional ones is a stroke of genius!

dugbuddy said...

Thanks so much, sincerely. We shall see how much of a stroke this is when I talk to the printers and find out if this can be done without mortgaging the home.