Sunday, February 13, 2011

The House of Dirigibles: The Queen of Dirigibles

The Queen of Dirigibles is the embodiment of what could be… what might be. Ever reaching forward towards the perceived destiny of the House and herself, she sees the challenges of existence merely as obstacles in the way of the next clue on The Path. At certain times this philosophy can be a driving force of power that when spread to the masses, is difficult to match. If there are too many unknowns however, those may be overlooked for the call of The Path may be so strong as to shadow over pitfalls and warning signs, thus causing casualties, or catastrophy.


Jamina said...

These are soo great!

Benjamin Kroll said...

thanks for talking to our class! your artwork is very good.

dugbuddy said...

@Jamie, Thanks kiddo. Really appreciate the compliments.

@Benjamin... It was a pleasure. I try to pay forward.