Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, the black and white is done on this... I will take to color in the next few days and see where that leads. A good piece of work so far, but when you have such a really creepy story such as this... it is hard to do less.


jimi said...

Hi Doug! I am Jimi Bonogofsky, one of Ballinger's illustration students.

I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our class. I was really inspired by your work, especially the sketchy quality of your ink work. I really love the movement and impact of those. I want to try out the clay boards you mentioned- sounds really awesome!

Thanks again for sharing your gifts!

-Jimi K. Bonogofsky

Breadwig said...

Incredible image Doug. Wow.

dugbuddy said...

thanks so much for stopping by. I had a really good time speaking with you all this week. Jump in to the clayboard world... everybody's doin' it.

just a note: if you pick up some 400 grit sand paper, you can lightly hand sand off any ink drawing that you don't like and start over. The deep scratches will still be there, but you can still ink right over them. keeps you from having to rebuy new board just because you are not happy with an outcome. Good luck.

dugbuddy said...

Mr B.
thanks man. I just couldn't pass this story up. It was just too freaky.

Lacey said...

Love it!

dugbuddy said...

Thanks lacey, I am starting on working it up digitally for color. It will also be a slide show demonstration how to piece as well.