Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kuchisake-onna Color

Done, done and done. Did some reworking on the arms, and adjusted the perspective of the drawing a bit. Did it make a true difference? Maybe. I think so. Now, off to something lighter and a bit happier in subject matter.


Contessa said...

She is broken and makes me cry in fear. I can't stop studying her. I smell the grease in her hair and the rot from her soul.

lovely work DB.

dugbuddy said...

WOW! can you turn a phrase.


Contessa said...

I meant it in a postitive light, really. she will inspire a story in me. I know it. she is simply raw with emotion and darkness; didn't mean it to sound quite so bad.

dugbuddy said...

I am sorry, I meant yours in onlly the most positive of light as well. You were able to paint a visual with a few words that took me a week to draw. And your statement gave her more humanity than just a vengeful spirit. "smell the grease in her hair and the rot in her soul". That was powerful stuff. I meant it... YOU can turn a phrase. You can paint with words. I don't know how better to say it.

Contessa said...

We're just like Mac n Tosh...those two gophers:
"After you..."


"I do insist..."

"I couldnt THINK of it...."

Ahhhh love ya DB

Lacey said...


dugbuddy said...

Lacey, thanks so very much.