Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Skull 'n' Bonz

My Brother in law and my Sister are quite the cooks. My sister has always been a really REALLY good cook and when she met her beau, it became almost a one up's man ship. Well, They are competing in the Delaware Bar-B-Que Competition coming up soon. They one 1st place in chicken, and wanted a more serious look. They asked if I would work up a Pirate themed image for them. Me? Bar-B-Que? Family? And a bit of illustration to help boost them up to the next level? Well, how could I pass that up. After getting some notes on what they were looking for, this is the result. All ready for the Embroidery Firm. Hopefully it will turn out. The image is around 5 x 7" live are. So we shall see what comes of it.


Lacey said...

lol looks great! Hope you will show us the t-shirts when they are done. :-)

dugbuddy said...

I guess the cook off is coming up near the end of April. So hopefully I will have some by the end of the month or by early may. Thanks for the comment.

Contessa said...

It is nothing short of Phenomenal! Can't thank you enough!!!

We are off this Friday and will head down (first competition is in MD). Cooking begins then and turn ins will be Saturday.

You make us feel all professional like..You're the best!
Thanks again.

dugbuddy said...

You, Rich and the gang just go out there and kick their butts. I am glad that I could help.