Tuesday, March 09, 2010

continued sequential testing

worked up another spash page type of drwg. had fun with it. A sort of triptych. The fireman being surrounded by a past life warrior dark ages berserker. The fire bear could be a predator in both lives. As a true bear from Dark ages, but as fire being the predator in modern times. Each being seen as an all consuming beast in the eyes of the combatant.


Breadwig said...

Ooooooooo. Wow, these are just totally workin' Doug. Perficio.

dugbuddy said...

I like it. Thanks Mr. B, we shall see what the powers that be think... me thinks that they might have a specific look in their heads already, and that my visual style is throwing them for a bit of a curve. It is really different from anything they have had in the past... really different. I may be too "out there."