Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mojo and the X-Babies prelim.

After absorbing the conversations that I had at ILLUXCON2 during the Thursday and Friday sessions, on Saturday I decided to apply what I took away from a couple of the artists that reviewed my work and offered what opinions that they had. One artist, Justin Gerard, a fantastic artist and delightful speaker offered up a comment that I take my work to the next level. REALLY finish it out. A full cast of characters, every bit of setting that needs to be there, don't skimp. This way, I get a taste at what level I consistently need to produce, and when I produce at this level on a regular basis... how do I feel about it? IS it something that I love and can't get enough of? Is it something that I like, or is it something that was a "grass is greener" scenario? We will soon find the answer.

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dugbuddy said...

CRAP~ Mojo only has 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand... I know I know. I will fix.