Tuesday, November 17, 2009


ILLUXCON sketch: 4am Friday morning. Lee Ann is still asleep, So I pad off to the bathroom and close the door. I sit on the floor on some towels and bring in my drawing book and some pencils that I grabbed in the dark. CRAP! blue pencils... I knew I should have never packed the blue ones. Oh well, I start working a doodle up that turns into a bit of a sketch for me to begin to think about a scratchboard illustration for Jon's Challenge for Hurakan. I filed through all of my father's Machu Pichu/Equador/Peru/Galopagos Islands photo shoots to look at wildlife, surroundings, things like that. Jon once asked of someone, "what does a bad weather animal look like? And what did one look like to the Mayan's?" So I thought, Ocean, and looked at all the galapagos animals... most of which are way too cute for words. Iguana's arent too bad but they look like dinosaurs... Sea turtles just look like that tootsie roll turtle; "Ask Mr. Owl, I never made it without biting." So I went with a dinosaur looking (protosceratops) and a turtle (snapping, hey Don't give me any lip out there...), but had it arive down from the eye of the storms like out of dimensional rift. I am considering working it up in the scratchboard technique that got such strong comments... but with a wrap around format, of course.

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Contessa said...

And THIS dear Sir, is why I eat Snickers. No dangerous nightmare lurking in THAT candy. Nope. Just, well, snickers. Nicely done. I'd like to see what else you can do with it...work magic as always!