Monday, February 02, 2009

The Lion Protector of Toys: Step 2

I have started to flesh out the wings. The one farthest away needs some length on it. I have also introduced a couple of misfit toys to the group. A reverse colored panda bear, a three eyed Teddy bear, a Girl Nut Cracker, and Chattering Teeth Cube. The Cube needs some work perspective wise. I just had to get it down before I forgot what the toy was supposed to be.


Breadwig said...

Me likey misfit toys. This keeps getting better and better. Man, I hope you sell prints of this when it's done.

dugbuddy said...

thanks Sir, I try to at least work on it a touch each night. This one is going really slow right now. No, I am going really slow right now. Must be the cold air.