Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday Sketch Group: 102108- showed up late this week. not much in the way of supplies either. So I just used kraft paper or what we all know as Grocery sack paper. Yup, I was brown baggin' it. That is why the fingerprints, and folds are still there. helps hide the poor drawing this week. Hey, everybody has an off day, or week.


Lacey said...

I like how you signed it "Kathy" to pretend you didn't draw it.


I know it isn't your best yet, but you amaze me with the way that even on an 'off' day you capture people, and how even if it's not all pulled together and pretty, there's always solidity and a sense of good proportions in your heads. When I have an off day, all that goes out the window and my faces look like aliens. In a really bad way.

dugbuddy said...

Thanks. And yes I did try to pull off that Kathy drew herself on my paper with my stuff with my hand. I did a bellywhopper right into the abyss of stress drawing. Don't draw angry, don't draw angry!