Saturday, October 27, 2007

since i tanked the mummy when I did the color on it... I am working on the new assignment for drawergeeks to see if I can redeem myself... create your own SITH... from Star Wars. So, who is the leader of the "Evil Empire"? George Steinbrenner. Well, I betch'a he's in ca-hoots with the Sith. Probably paid extra to have the deathstar shaped like a baseball. So rather than just take parts of things and create some evil space ninja... I thought it would be good to take someone and see what it would be like to turn them to the dark side. (well, with the Yankees it isn't really turning as much as exposing). It will be interesting to see what comes about in the next couple of weeks.


Breadwig said...

I love your quick expressive ink sketches. The floating baseball, rockin'.

dugbuddy said...

thanks Mr. B. I just need to switch up things for a while. get back to playing again and not take this too seriously. I am starting to drift back into the MUST do's and MUST produce at a level of... That's just not healthy. So, mix up the technique, the studio configuration, the subject, draw with the other hand... whatever I need to do to keep things light and to remind myself that I do this to keep the stress down, not add to it.