Friday, July 06, 2007

Opening night was this evening. Had a nice turn out. Met the Artists, what a talented group. Lacey is just an incredible painter. But hoo-wee it was hot in there. But I'm circumferentially challenged, and I was in a suit. I had a really good time. But I need a long sleep.


Breadwig said...

oh man, I hope you took some pics! Can't wait to hear the full story.

Lacey said...

You are too kind. I immediately came home and checked out your blogs. Very, very cool stuff. I don't just appreciate the figures, but I'm also getting a huge kick out of the various movie and comic book references. The Leia panel and the Jack Sparrow drawing are so creative... I'm jealous.

Anyway, please do drop me an email. I think we'll have a good time sharing in both art and nerd matters. (Not using 'nerd' as a negative, mind you!)