Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I hope that you’re happy wherever you are

I hope that you’re happy wherever you are

Separated as we are, I don’t see you.
I don’t hear from you… still i keep looking for signs.
Elders say that you are in a good place.
I hope so.
Books say that you are with all those that you loved and loved you.
I hope so.
In my head I see you in a beloved academic atmosphere;
learning, growing, showing, teaching, loving.
I have no basis, no reason to believe this.
Maybe it is the sign I have been searching for.
Maybe it is a vision of what is to come.
Maybe it is a way for me that I can deal why you were taken.
I still miss you
I still love you
I have been fractured because of your loss.
Breaks can be glued back but those scars will remain.
I hope that you’re happy wherever you are.

1 comment:

Tess Skultety said...

I cried so honestly because of that painful lump in my chest. Simply one of the most sad and beautiful pieces pen could put to paper.

I'm sorry.