Friday, June 08, 2012

IMC 2012: whoever let me in here should be seriously punished

IMC 2012:

Wednesday June 6,
Countdown to Zero:
This is it, the last day. I have waited for this opportunity for over 2 years now. My sketch is ready; my supplies are packed into a giant suitcase. I brought all my markers, all my prismacolor pencils, all my scratchboard stuff, 2 16X20 boards, and a full set of watercolors and brushes. SOMETHING will work. My hope is to either do a scratchboard or work the marker technique from way back. Hopefully one of the two will be allowed. If I work scratchboard, then I will have to scan the beast to work some color technique digitally. No big whoo, just have to piece the scans together.

Daisy is pissed. She always looks so hurt when I leave. The vet takes really good care of her with 2 walks a day and some playtime so all should be good there. All will be good. And this time she gets a bath.

So, 2 big suitcases, a computer bag and a backpack and I are on my way to the land of the all nighter. And all I have to do tonight is sleep… yeah, like that’s going to come easily. Oh well, if not, then I will sleep on the plane. Someone once said, there is always some weird or annoying person on every flight… and if you don’t see him or her… then it could be you. I will make it my mission to ensure that it is not I.

Thursday June 7th:  Honest, I am me.

Michael Palin once said that it is the unique situations that make for the best travel experiences.  Well, this trip may be quite the story or it may end before it gets started. I have mistakenly allowed my drivers license to expire by 6 days. How did I find this out? Why I got stopped during baggage check and was politely informed. When they asked do I have another form of ID like a passport I responded… a passport? No I didn’t think I would need a passport to travel to Massachusetts. (Knowing my luck, if I did bring it, it would be expired as well.) This will prove to be interesting since I rented a car upon reaching Massachusetts. It is an hour drive from the airport to the college and I was planning on heading to the Norman Rockwell Museum on the 16th. And this doesn’t even touch the remote possibility that I may be stuck in Massachusetts unable to get back home if National Security decides I am a security risk and denies me access back home.

So, if I am able to get into the airport, I will next have to deal with the rental car company, or find another mode of transportation to get my big bottom to Amherst. I was so concerned about forgetting art materials and getting Daisy dropped off at the vet that I never considered peripheral challenges like State Government licensing. But on the good side, I have no concealed liquids and all my items are in quart sized Baggies. 

Well, after a couple of extra pat downs, and some finger waving from ATF, I got in and am ready to fly to Hadley International. One challenge down, it appears to pay off to flounder around helplessly. Performing a 2 year old’s lip quiver just before bursting into tears appeared to help as well. But then this is KC. The east coast may be far harsher. At least I can get closer to the workshop… from there I can take a bus if needed. Thank goodness I left a day early.

Well, renting a car without proper up to date identification for some reason is “again” the law! Who’d a thunk it? So, after sitting for a few moments in the rental car rejection chairs, I shuttled my bottom back to the airport and grabbed a taxi shuttle from the Airport to Amherst. I made it to the B&B. It is really nice, very quiet. I walked into town for supper, about a mile one way, but such a lovely evening, it was a good walk. So it looks as though the Saturday trip to Stockbridge is kaput. I still need a couple of supplies for which I may need to taxi out. Just keep reminding myself that I am here. Everything else fades for the next week and a couple of days. Then reality comes swinging with an aluminum bat with nails poking out of the end.

Friday: June 8th -On Your Mark… Wait for it!!!

So, No wheels, but I got taxied to the B&B. quite nice. Had probably the best night’s sleep I have had in months. It was cool, quiet, I had the windows opened, snuggled down and slept till 8:30 eastern time. I had a wonderful breakfast of mixed fruit and nuts with yogurt, and some scrambled eggs and a wheat English muffin and coffee. Wow. What a grand start to the day. Managed to lug the monster suitcases down the stairs again and called a cab to take me to the dorms at Amherst. After an hour wait, the cabbie drove me the two miles and dropped me off. But I knew that if I walked it, it would pour, (more about that omen later). I got registered; I am the first to be critiqued, and the first for portfolio review. So at least we all know where the bottom bar will be set. I walked over to the CVS and bought some alcohol and a spritzer bottle for an illustration technique, (rubbing alcohol, not drinking sheesh!) and got a light bite of lunch.  After that, I decided to make the long walk to the UMASS bookstore and get the last of my needed supplies. A 2 mile walk, no problem. It is nice outside. A slight breeze, mid seventies, what could go wrong? Halfway there, severe rain/ Thunder/ and hail decided to anoint me with it’s special greeting. I made it into the bookstore and got all my supplies minus one, a fan for noise reduction in the dorm at night. Needless to say I took the bus back. It never rained the entire trip back, and the bus fairs are free right now. Good to know.

So, I have my stuff, Tomorrow I get my crit and start reworking. Then we shall see what happens next. 

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