Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steampunks 10: Mystery Girl

Steampunks 10 Mystery Girl.
Completed during the weekend of June 12th during the biggest downpour that I have experienced.
Somebody Asked about a background story for the inspiration on this drawing.

This piece is the result of me wanting to stretch a bit. So this piece first of all is 24" x 36", the largest yet. It also has the largest cast of characters, seven in all.
I am seeing a group of established and powerful individuals... who each have a control of power... be it wisdom, financial, political, medical knowledge, physical strength, cunning, or charisma. They are an established guard, a closed knit clique secret society within which great decisions are made... and in some instances are assigned to be carried out. It is the way it has always been.
Until now... enter the Mystery Girl. The Mystery Girl, while she may have some similarities in manner of dress, certainly carries her self as an independent leader. Also one who is will not be intimidated. She holds her own ground and is a valuable ally. At the same time she is a formidable rival if crossed. She represents change, possibly a sign of a new order, given time. Or is some eyes, a threat to the established order. For within this one character is wisdom, knowledge, courage, strength, cunning and charisma all in one. And that to the established guard upon self reflection is seen as a most definite threat.


FiberLAB said...

I love it! You can see how strong and independent she is. The reactions of her "audience" are clear. I know how hard you worked on this one, you've come a long way. Great work!

dugbuddy said...

Awe, thanks so very much.

Lacey said...

It's so awesome! I love the story behind it, too. :-) Great work, Doug. Can't wait to see it IRL... entering it for Hilliard?

dugbuddy said...

Bless Your heart Lacey. You gave me a real shot in the arm today.

Breadwig said...

Doug, your steampunk stuff is as good as any steampunk stuff I've ever seen. Wow.

dugbuddy said...

Thanks Bryan, this one provided challenges for me.