Friday, April 10, 2009

Steampunk: Woodcut Cigar

Steampunk 6: Woodcut Cigar
For some reason, perhaps just out of nervousness, this one dove back to my rendering days. An all out, go for broke wood cut simulation. Very soothing for the nerves. Very peaceful to work on. Thought out, but still some wiggle room to have experimentation time. Much smaller piece too. I was able to get this out quickly as the time permitted. Sometimes I just need to get out my security blanket. I think I need a triple decker these days.


Contessa said...

I like the chiseled look and angles; really neat. I think this is my favorite one. It kind of reminds me of Jesus Jones.

Have a great time tonight and most of all, be proud. We are. You are an awesome talent. Always the best DB.

dugbuddy said...

thanks so very much. I will do my best to ... mingle. Lord help me through this evening.

Breadwig said...

Whoa, love it. Okay, this really inspires me, I need to go do a woodcutty illustration.

dugbuddy said...

Thank you so much. They are just so fun to do. And your Arthurian piece was just a tickle of the surface. I would love to see another piece from you.