Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bigfoot Hoax: When I saw this in the news a week or so ago, it was just too good to be true. And not because I may not or may believe in some thing lurking. I thought the idea of two guys freezing an ape suit in ice and calling some "expert"... expert? in to validate their findings. Where did they get this guy? What were his credentials? I mean other than him pointing to his chest and stating, "this is me". When I read what they had done, I thought... didn't I see this in a cartoon once? Some caveman brought back to life from being frozen in ice? Ah the workings of the criminal mind.


mim said...

Nice works really,
I enjoied your style, glad to find here! :D

keep up good works, ;)


dugbuddy said...

THanks so much Mim. thank you very much. db

dugbuddy said...

ARGGHHH!!!! Sorry Contessa, I just rejected your comment by mistake. Stupid sausage fingers. Here was your comment: ntessa has left a new comment on your post " Bigfoot Hoax: When I saw this in the news a week ...":

Yes and I believe there was a large diamond at stake. Was that the same episode with the zombie werewolves? Okay, so many Scooby snacks are you asking for?

I am asking for 200,000 butterscotch scooby snacks, and it was the caveman episode... with the talking fish device. -db