Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hellboy: This is what was submitted for Drawergeeks. I forgot and didn't bring the previous version for sending. So I worked this up over the weekend and sent it in. I like it. It is safe. Probably too safe.


BBrito said...

This is cool! but Hey! Mr.D-B! It's Miss. Silly b. here speaking!
What about your promise? I still think the one below is awesome.
It's different, it's dark, it's got something going on...
Ah well, I tried. I'll stop now, or you will start calling me Miss.Annoying b.! :D

dugbuddy said...

easy now... Miss B... I am having my beloved send in the other one as well. I am just out of reach to be able to grasp it to send. So I had so post only this one as a first entry.
The other will post there tomorrow as well. Thank you for your support. Hope you have a good weekend. db

Contessa said...

I like the brooding sense here. It starts of kind of gentle but as you focus in you can almost smell the cloves and sweetness of the cigar. You know he's chewed it to pulp and then of course there are the eyes....Yeah, I like it. Good one DB. Good one.

Kevin Levell said...

Is that a sneaky demon in the smoke??

Nicely drawn Doug... but I'd like to see a spot of colour, maybe a bit of rich red here and there on Hellboy to increase the contrast with the coloured paper?

Although, it's great as it is, keep up the good work sir!

dugbuddy said...

Thanks contessa, it was a bit of a challenge trying to get a scan and get it corrected away from my home turf. I think it was a good learning. Kevin, you are right on all counts... I did what I could with a white and series of gray pencils on gray paper. the only red was a hue shift in a make shift color editing program prior to sending to home base for posting.