Sunday, June 22, 2008

The books of my youth. These are books that I checked out of the library so often that on the sign out slip, it appeared that I was the only person who checked these books out. Actually, the Frazettas, George Perez, Fairies and Killing Joke were mine. Being a comic book geek, that is what I wanted to do. But, as with most midwestern youths, it was not deemed a worthy occupation in the household.


barb said...

I remember seeing so many of these. And I remember going through all those boxes loaded with thin, dingy colored papers and stories on rainy days. What an amazing artist you are; all from the youngest of dreams. One of my most prize possessions is "The Churkendoose" that and an autographed copy of Edgar Allan Poe's complete works. We all have our "woobies" to comfort us don't we?

dugbuddy said...

I forgot about the Churkendoose. That is a prized possession indeed. The internet is swamped with requests for that book.