Monday, February 18, 2008

Goat-Man of Prince Georges County. Not done yet with the color, still poking at it. But here is where it stands tonight.

*Reports of the Goatman began in 1957, with sightings occurring in Upper Marlboro and Forestville, Prince George's County, Maryland.[4] From there, sightings spread to other states; with reports of the Goatman being made as far south as Texas in the 1960s, Washington and California during the 1980s, and as far north as Ontario, Canada and Cannelton,Indiana during the 1990s.

Alleged sightings have now been reported in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. The largest concentration of these sightings has been around Bowie, Maryland.

Recently it has been rumored that there has been a sighting of the goatman in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

*from wikipedia


barb said...

I just wanted to say, I'm now afraid of my own astrological sign (Capricorn) Bejeezus Bejoot! Talk about fantastically creepy~ You know, all Jersey has is some crack pot who was the 7th of the 7th son's daughter of a retired postal worker who missed his cousin's extra biggie frie at Wendy's and consequently went 'round the bend:also known as the Jersey Devil. Some have heard him, some have seen him but NO ONE has gone SHOPPING with him. I can laugh now. The sun is up. No tellin what the night time REALLY brings. As quoted in a John Carpenter film: "Whoooo is thaaaat?" Thanx for the nightmare. Image is everything no matter the medium.

Breadwig said...

You have a great shot with this one. Creepola, but also super classic and cool.

dugbuddy said...

Barb, sorry bout dat. Kinda, hmmm actually, this is rather high praise. Bryan, thanks man. It went out to them tonight. I wish you luck with yours. -db