Tuesday, December 25, 2007

playing with faux techniques. Only the head and the outline was completed and it was done with a brush marker. The image was scanned and the rest was drawn on a channel in photoshop. Add some dust and scratches to it to make it look printed. After that, it was a quick scan of some paper, adding the image, choose a color and woodcut. The reason for working on channels vs layers is that I can work black and white and hit the X key to instantly erase what I don't want. Verses a layer where I have to erase, delete, change opacity, it is just too time consuming. Channels are just like scratch board. Black and white. Ahhhh, somethings ARE still black and white if you just put tight enough blinders on. Happy Holidays.


Marcinha said...

Doug, I realy, realy love your work, but... I don't speak Enlgish :) I'm Brazilian.
You're my inspiration.
A great New Year for you!

dugbuddy said...

Obrigado. Você é demasiado amável. Tenha um 2008 seguro e maravilhoso.-Doug

Thank you. You are too kind. Have a Safe and wonderful 2008.-Doug

Breadwig said...

Doug, loving this illustration and technique.