Friday, November 16, 2007

I feel as though I have lost a family member. My very first and last
Reds Games that I heard were called by Joe. I listened while mowing
the lawn, baking the donuts, working on artwork trying to build a
portfolio, staying up when I should have been sleeping, or outside
shoveling snow while listening to the Hot Stove League. Joe Nuxall
was a part of my growing up, a voice that I recognized as quickly as
I did my closest friends and family. Sometimes, the only good part
of the entire day was hearing the Reds games, listening to the
rain delays from the banana-phone. He made me smile when it
appeared damn near impossible to do so.

I will miss you Joe Nuxhall, May peace be with you.

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Nicole said...

well-written thoughts. sorry for your loss.

santa t. claus--you had a ton of great options. i think it's "the" although i can't be sure--call it an intuition.

what kind of cookies were you baking?

happy thanksgiving!