Saturday, January 27, 2007

our trip back home. We got stopped by the ever astute overland protection agency due to some travel sized toothpaste being not in a stapled plastic 1 quart sized bag. It was only in a Pint sized plastic bag. The fellow on the upper left was allowed with no checks to his person. (in truth, there was nobody with a hook for a hand and a bleeding bowling bag trying to enter security. But the drawing was fun, so I had to concoct a story to fit it in.)
The individuals sitting across the aisle from me on the flights back home. Very nice people. The whole trip, everyone we met was genuinely nice, and friendly. It is good to be stay in the mid west. It is good for me.

My trip mates, Reuben and Chuck. They made the time away from home easy. We laughed, worked, and I learned. What more can I ask?


Meech! said...

Nice! If only you could have stayed for another week, we could have had a diner sketch jam!!

*weeps for lost time


Doug Bell said...

Meech, thanks. I wish that we could have stayed. A diner sketch jam would be great. Maybe sometime in the not too distant. You folks were really nice.