Saturday, October 28, 2006

New This assignment was called Monster Engine. Illustrator Dave DeVries has a site called where he takes a child's drawing and while maintaining as much of the original as possible, puts his spin on it to create a really nice piece of art. So Paul Conrad's son drew some monsters for us to use as sources. This was really fun. I just kept with the free moving strokes of his son's original drawing and watched it all unfold... or ooze.


Breadwig said...

Wow, I love totally love this. But please keep those teeth away from my bunnies!

Yancy Street said...

Great work Doug! Very frightening.
Can't wait to show your version to Caleb!

Pippin said...

The web address on your picture led me here from the kid_creatures site (which I 'Stumbled Upon').
I've been really enjoying your 'sketches' (although in my eyes they're more like finished pieces of art).
I'll subscribe to your feed and keep looking, it's kind of nice like just browsing through an artist's scrapbook.
Keep it up!